Interested in becoming a Groomer?

Do not be fooled by online courses that suggest you can become a groomer in four weeks and be successful.

Let me help you achieve your dream of becoming a professional dog groomer. I offer personalized one on one training to select students. I'll provide you with a strong technical foundation in all aspects of grooming. But equally important to knowing how to groom a dog, is knowing how to handle the un-expected, how to handle difficult dogs, and how to deal with difficult clients. I will share my years of experience so you will know exactly what to do when things don't go as planned.

All instruction is hands on, and it starts DAY 1

Grooming instruction to include

  • Tool Selection, Proper Care and Use
  • Salon Safety Procedures
  • Bathing, Brushing, Ear Care, Nail Trimming
  • Breed Standard Cuts
  • Designer breed clips
  • How to properly inspect for and identify k9 health concerns
  • Professional Salon management, including keeping good client records
  • Ways to add to your bottom line with additional services

When you have completed training with me you will have received.

  • A certificate of completion.
  • Custom grooming manual with information recapping all techniques you have learned including diagrams for each breed.
  • Lifetime support and assistance from Heather
  • The Skills, Knowledge and Confidence necessary to be successful!

Call me today to discuss your future as a Professional Dog Groomer.